Notes from a Beauty Doula

As I mentioned in my last post, the Greek word, doula, means “a woman who serves.”

I like the word doula, and I think it works well to describe what I do here at The Woodway. I’m a Beauty Doula because I serve to help whomever comes to see me to bring out the best in themselves.

Lately, it seems I am being recognized as an expert facialist.

While I still see people regularly for pedicures, electrolysis and other services, I am increasingly booked with facials.

I think it’s because word is spreading that at The Woodway your facial is truly a custom facial: Everything I do is determined by your particular needs at that time.

And it involves so much more than your face!

We start with a relaxing foot and leg massage, and then turn to skin analysis. Your treatment is dictated by what is determined during that analysis. After treatment, there’s another lovely massage involving your face, neck and shoulders, and then, during the mask phase, I give you yet another relaxing massage of your hands and arms.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

My interest in products has enabled me to build a solid understanding of ingredients, and I have a vast collection of ingredients: Oils, including essential oils, and other raw ingredients, are custom blended for each person who puts their trust in me.

I am also very interested in nutrition, and can discuss with you how best to eat for healthy, beautiful skin.

I take your trust seriously. When you come to see me at The Woodway, you can be sure I am here to serve you.

I consider it a privilege to help you learn how best to treat your skin, and how to be your own kind of beautiful.

Whether you have acne, are concerned about general congestion and redness, fine lines and wrinkles or anything else, please give me a call. I promise you I can make it better. I am here for you.

Thanks for dropping by.


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