How come you’re not blogging?

Yesterday, someone asked me why I don’t blog more.

“I didn’t think anyone was reading it!” I said.

“I love it!” she told me. “Blog on!”

Well, okay then! 🙂

I was really astonished and delighted to know that there are folks out there who are reading my blog. (If you want to leave a comment, I’d be so pleased to get some feedback.)

When I started this blog, I used to include what I called “Woodway Wanderings” where I shared some of the cool things I came across while wandering the web. I use Facebook for that these days, so what can this blog be about?

Tell me! I want your ideas and input.

After all, a blog is a conversation.

You’d like me to start the conversation?

Okay, let’s talk about essential oils. Are they just about smell?

No! They’re about so much more than that.

Essential oils are the essences of plants, and they’re powerful things.

Think about it. We plant marigolds around crops in order to ward off insects: that’s essential oils at work!

Our pharmaceutical drugs are often derived from plants, because plants are power houses of chemicals that can cause all sorts of reactions in our bodies.

The plants we eat are a case in point: All those minerals and vitamins that are vital to our good health are stashed away in the plants we consume and their goodness is warehoused in their oils.

Yes, plants, and so essential oils, are powerful things.

How do essential oil work?

They get into your bloodstream, and there they affect your metabolism.

They can be inhaled or they can be transferred through your skin or they can be consumed.

Each oil has chemical constituents that determine how it affects us. Let’s take Lavender, for example, because we’ve all heard of it.

Click here for a rundown on lavender oils powers.

If you clicked, then you can see that there’s a lot more to lavender than just its gorgeous aroma.

If you’ve got a beauty or health concern, there’s an essential oil that can help.

Give me a call, or drop me an email, if you’d like to know more about how essential oils can help you.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend!

Heather 🙂

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