Sorry for the long absence…

Hi there, Apologies for not keeping up to date with my blog. Real life keeps getting in the way of my on-line life. My daughter, Oak, was married on June 10th, and that kept me very busy! Oak did most of the work, but I was her go-to gal for all sorts of things. I […]

Get your glow on!

If you’re like me, you’re probably keen for winter to be a memory. Blue skies, green leaves, bird song and flowers – bring ’em on! And bring on soft, moisturized Spring skin, too! You can make yourself a delightful sugar scrub to exfoliate dry winter skin using 1 part oil (olive or sunflower is nice) […]

Essential oil profile: Chamomile

Among my favourite essential oils are Chamomiles. In aromatherapy, the two most frequently used Chamomile essential oils are Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla). Roman Chamomile is a perennial plant that grows low to the ground; it’s used to make fragrant lawns. German Chamomile is an annual; it’s the one you’ll find in […]

Pursuing Aromatherapy Accreditation

As many of you know, I’ve been learning about oils and working with them since opening The Woodway in 2008. Time now, I think, to get down to brass tacks and study the subject under a true master: Kurt Schnaubelt. Kurt heads The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, (PIA) and today I signed up for  their […]

Tis the season

We all know time flies when we’re having fun, and judging by the number of people who’ve told me the year has flown by it seems most of us are having a pretty good time. I certainly am! The Woodway is such a fun place to be, and it’s because of you. If you didn’t […]

Super foods for Dry Skin

Well, I’m on the hop this morning, but I came across this super little piece on the internet and I can’t keep it to myself. Enjoy!

How come you’re not blogging?

Yesterday, someone asked me why I don’t blog more. “I didn’t think anyone was reading it!” I said. “I love it!” she told me. “Blog on!” Well, okay then! I was really astonished and delighted to know that there are folks out there who are reading my blog. (If you want to leave a comment, I’d […]

Free hand-crafted soap : )

We’re all so lucky to live in our wonderful country, so let’s rejoice and celebrate our good fortune on that, if nothing else, this Thanksgiving. Personally, I’m grateful for the wonderful life I have here in Ottawa with my family and friends, neighbours and acquaintances. What a wonderful bunch of folks you all are! And to all […]

Notes from a Beauty Doula

As I mentioned in my last post, the Greek word, doula, means “a woman who serves.” I like the word doula, and I think it works well to describe what I do here at The Woodway. I’m a Beauty Doula because I serve to help whomever comes to see me to bring out the best […]

Moving forward

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support this summer when my mum died. It was very sudden and unexpected, and, as you might imagine, not having her around took some getting used to. But looking back I feel nothing but gratitude for the merciful passing she had, and for the incredible community that helped me […]