Are resolutions worth making?

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have passed and we’ve all had time to get started on with whatever we resolved to do this year, I wonder how you’re doing. I like making resolutions, and once I’ve made them I look around for anyone who will motivate me to keep them, because it’s hard […]

SOS for winter hands

If, like me, you suffered with a cold during the holidays, then, like me, you’ve been washing your hands a lot. Consequently, like me, you might have very dry hands. So dry they hurt! With all the great products I have available right here at home, there’s really no excuse for having hands so dry […]

Woodway Wanderings

Hi there, I haven’t shared my internet wanderings in a while, and I’m finding so many interesting things. Fun! You know I love bone broth, so here’s one from Kate Hudson’s chef. I might try it. How about you? And I’ve been reading a lot about net neutrality and why it’s so important that it […]

How to have great skin in winter

It’s getting cold out there, so you’re probably switching your skincare routine to include a cream that is rich in emollients. Great idea! You know what else will make your skin look great this winter? (Besides a visit to The Woodway!) A diet rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants get a lot of press when it comes to eating […]

As the weather changes…

It’s time to think about moisturizers. Dry indoor air and the harsh outdoor climate can cause even the oiliest skin to feel a bit dry, and if your skin is normal or dry, they can make it downright itchy and uncomfortable. This article from the Mayo Clinic gives the lowdown on how moisturizers work. Among […]

Lyme disease can happen to anyone

While out walking in the 1000 Islands area, I contracted Lyme disease. A tick carrying Borrelia burgdoferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, bit me and burrowed into the underside of my knee. I didn’t discover it for more than 30 hours after I returned home from my walk. I’m one of the lucky people who […]

Autumn is a good time to —

Exfoliate! Summer is such fun and the sunshine feels so good! But come autumn many of us feel the sun’s effects in the form of dry, dull, itchy skin. The solution: A good scrub! This morning, I was going to write about the different ways and means of exfoliation when into my inbox came this super feature, courtesy […]

Bone broth is the new skin super star!

(Imagine courtesy of Cognitune. Check out Cognitune here. ) Bone broth is a power-house of nutrients, and it’s so easy to make. For the most basic bone broth, simply toss bones and veggies in your slow cooker, cover them with water and leave the cooker on low overnight. If you like to channel your inner chef […]

Share your soap ideas!

Hi there, Most of you know that handmade soaps are among my favourite things – especially my own hand made soaps! 🙂 Well, I’ve just ordered a big batch of supplies, and soon I’ll be busy in The Woodway Soapery making all sorts of soaps for the holidays. This is where you come in: Share […]

Mandelic Acid: The mild-mannered superhero of skincare

While there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all skincare ingredient, mandelic acid comes close. Derived from bitter almonds, which are entirely different from the almonds we like to eat, mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). AHAs are used to exfoliate the skin. They dissolve the cellular adhesion molecules or ‘glue’ binding the skin cells of the […]