The Full Body Flu Facial

If you’ve had the flu you’re probably not looking and feeling your best these days. Maybe you’re tired, and your skin looks sallow and dull, your eyes are puffy and your nose is a bit raw. Full Body Flu Facial to the rescue! I’ll give you the tender loving care you need to complete your […]

Could an edible oil replace HRT?

Could it be true? Could an edible oil make postmenopausal women feel as well as synthetic hormone replacement therapy? Possibly. In a study of 60 women over 60 days argan oil was found to make a significant difference in the texture and integrity of all the participants’ skin. Here in Ottawa, I think most of […]

You’ll feel better without it. Promise!

You’ll feel better without it. Promise! Here I am again after another long absence. I keep saying I’ll stay on top of the blog, then life gets in the way, weeks have passed and I’ve posted nothing. Sincere apologies, if you are among the few persons who’ve told me you look forward to reading these […]

Does your postmenopausal skin need help?

Plant Oil to the Rescue! You know how I love plant oils, and we use them all the time here at The Woodway. Well, I recently read the following information by Katerina Steventon, Ph.D. in Skin Inc: “…a dual approach of daily consumption and/​or application of argan oil has been tested in the challenged skin […]

Are resolutions worth making?

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have passed and we’ve all had time to get started on with whatever we resolved to do this year, I wonder how you’re doing. I like making resolutions, and once I’ve made them I look around for anyone who will motivate me to keep them, because it’s hard […]

SOS for winter hands

SOS for winter hands If, like me, you suffered with a cold during the holidays, then, like me, you’ve been washing your hands a lot. Consequently, like me, you might have very dry hands. So dry they hurt! With all the great products I have available right here at home, there’s really no excuse for […]

Woodway Wanderings

Hi there, I haven’t shared my internet wanderings in a while, and I’m finding so many interesting things. Fun! You know I love bone broth, so here’s one from Kate Hudson’s chef. I might try it. How about you? And I’ve been reading a lot about net neutrality and why it’s so important that it […]

How to have great skin in winter

It’s getting cold out there, so you’re probably switching your skincare routine to include a cream that is rich in emollients. Great idea! You know what else will make your skin look great this winter? (Besides a visit to The Woodway!) A diet rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants get a lot of press when it comes to eating […]

As the weather changes…

It’s time to think about moisturizers Dry indoor air and the harsh outdoor climate can cause even the oiliest skin to feel a bit dry, and if your skin is normal or dry, they can make it downright itchy and uncomfortable. This article from the Mayo Clinic gives the lowdown on how moisturizers work. Among […]

Lyme disease can happen to anyone

While out walking in the 1000 Islands area, I contracted Lyme disease. A tick carrying Borrelia burgdoferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, bit me and burrowed into the underside of my knee. I didn’t discover it for more than 30 hours after I returned home from my walk. I’m one of the lucky people who […]