Dehydrated? Try mint!

Hello again,

I seem always to start by apologizing for the long absence, and today is no different. Sorry!

Again, my days are brimming with real life, so writing here gets forgotten. I must try harder to stay on top of it!

I’ve been in my garden a lot, usually just enjoying it rather than working in it, but I know you’ll agree that’s really what gardens are for – enjoying!

I planted a lovely little veggie garden this year and I’m thrilled to bits with the lettuces and peas and beans, because each evening I can go outside and collect all that I need to make a salad. And it’s been no work at all.

That’s probably because I don’t weed. My veggie garden, like the rest of the garden, is left to fend for itself. Consequently, when I’m out there picking I feel like I’m foraging for food, channeling ancestors who knew how to discern the tasty tidbits from the noxious plants in a verdant patch of land.

Yes, that’s how my mind works. I rely on my imagination to entertain myself, and so the weeds really don’t bother me a bit.

That said, I shall probably attempt to take a more orderly approach next year so that I yield even more tasty tidbits. Also, my husband, Neil, is getting interested in the veggie patch, too, and he’s rather more orderly by nature, being an engineer.

So, why did I start writing all this?…Oh, yes! Out there, one of the tasty tidbits that is growing with wild abandon is mint: Spearmint; Chocolate mint; Peppermint. (I did plant these things in pots with the bottoms cut out, thinking I could contain them, but they’re not having it.)

Sometimes, I just stand outside smooshing mint plants between my palms so I can smell their gorgeous oils. It’s so invigorating.

I also add it to the pedicure bath in The Woodway. It looks lovely, smells lovely and it refreshes and cools aching feet and legs.

Word is, mint is also very effective in helping us to ward off dehydration and boost alertness.

According to the folks at UCLA who study such things, our body’s thirst mechanisms are less sensitive after age 45, making dehydration a real problem for a lot of us. That leads to a reduction in the production of our brain’s energizing beta waves.

So, when you feel your energy dipping, take a drink of water. And if you want that drink of water to become something really special, something you might even give up your afternoon glass of wine for, add some mint.

The herb tastes delicious and its aroma stimulates the alertness centre of the brain, increasing energy by as much as 25% in just 2 minutes.

I liked the idea of that so much I put a water dispenser on my counter and filled it with mint water. Sometimes, I add lemon too.

Actually, I saw this at my friend Megan’s house in Whitehorse last year, and I copied her. But now that I know just how beneficial that minty water is I’ve taken to filling my dispenser every morning and drinking throughout the day.

If you’re keen to know more about how mint can improve your life, check this out.

Now, if you’re keen for me to write regularly, leave me a comment and tell me.

Or, next time you visit The Woodway, let me know you’ve been checking out the blog. It’ll encourage me to stick with it. 😉

And thanks, again, for all your support. I just love The Woodway gang. It’s so much fun working with you.

If you’ve got any questions about the services I offer, the products I carry and/or make, or just general skin care questions, fire away! I love to help.

Happy summery days!

Heather 🙂

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