Life is sweeter without cake

“You’re still not eating sugar?”

I hear that a lot.

“How do resist the cravings?”

I don’t crave it.

If you don’t believe me, I don’t blame you.

When I was a sugaraholic, if you had told me that one day I would feel not the slightest desire for a cinnamon bun or a slice of molten chocolate cake, I wouldn’t have believed you.

They were my favourites. They tasted so delicious and added so much fun to my life.

Now, no longer addicted to sugar, I realize that life is much sweeter without cake.


No, really!

Life without cake is possible, and if you’re serious about giving up sugar then you’ve got to give it up.

Contrary to popular opinion, a weekly “treat day” does not prevent you from binging. It simply keeps you in sugar’s clutches.

Sugar is addictive. Like nicotine and other drugs, it changes our brains.

So, how do we break the spell and live sugar-free?

First, we need a compelling reason to overcome our addiction, so that when the going gets tough we can remind ourselves of why we want to take our lives in a new direction.

Maybe you were diagnosed with diabetes. May you want to lose weight, or simply eat more healthfully to prevent disease. Maybe you feel sugar makes you jittery, and you’d like to feel more even keeled. Maybe you hope to set a good example for your kids.

For me, the moment of truth came as I stood at the kitchen counter mindlessly eating chocolate chips while ruminating on how best to handle a family situation.

Suddenly aware that I’d polished off half the bag, I wondered what was I doing.

Well, I knew what I was doing. I always ate chocolate when I was distressed. I told myself: “You’re addicted to chocolate!”

Just as quickly, I knew it wasn’t chocolate. It was sugar. I was addicted to sugar and I didn’t like it.

Besides revving up my metabolism whenever I was stressed out, I suspected sugar had something to do with the arthritis developing in my knees. I’d read somewhere that arthritis pain is increased by sugar consumption, because it exacerbates inflammation.

Could it be true? If I gave up sugar would I feel better? It was worth a shot.

Being me, I began researching.

As I’ve always enjoyed aromatherapy, I turned to it first for help. I made a grapefruit inhaler, because grapefruit is known to help curb sugar cravings.

It worked! Any time I felt a craving, I drew a deep inhalation of grapefruit oil and it was gone. (If you want me to make you a grapefruit inhaler, I can do that. I charge $5 for it, and you can pick it up at The Woodway.)

Within a week of giving up sugar, I felt 10 years younger. The pain in my knees had decreased markedly and I wasn’t scarfing food without thinking.

I liked being sugar-free and wanted to continue.

When I finally culled my cookery book collection, removing all my desserts books, I knew I was entering a whole new phase of life. Those books had been lovingly collected over the years, and I’d turned to them time and again to make all our family occasions a bit more memorable.

But they had to go. If I was serious about giving up sugar, I wouldn’t be making Sticky Toffee Pudding or Cinnamon Cake again. So, before I could change my mind, I dropped them off at the local thrift shop.

I started eating fruit when I wanted a treat. Yes, there’s sugar in it but it’s unrefined; buffered by fibre and nutrients, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream so rapidly.

Today, I’m so glad I had that aha moment while scoffing chocolate chips and made the decision to kick sugar to the curb.

How about you? Do you want to do it?

Here’s a really good read that might help you segue into a sugar-free lifestyle.

If I can help at all, drop me a line or come see me at The Woodway. We can talk sugar-free living while I give you a relaxing treatment. 😉

Happy Monday!

Heather : )

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