Facial Cupping at The Woodway

Hello everyone,

Take a look at this video, (courtesy of CTV’s etalk and Toronto’s Clarity Medspa), and you’ll see the latest treatment available at The Woodway.


It’s a great way to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, activate lymphatic drainage and give you an all-over glow.

I’ve been learning the techniques associated with cupping the face and the body, and I’m impressed.


My skin was plumper and fresher after cupping. Even my lips, which are developing fine lines around them (because I love hot drinks), looked brighter and fuller.

I used the cups on my son’s injured knee and he couldn’t believe how much better it felt. He had better range of motion and the pain was significantly diminished.

I tried it on a knot I had in my back, and, like magic, it shrunk! The pain disappeared. Really!

You can tell I’m excited about cupping, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Let me!

Book a custom facial or body treatment and I’ll give you a complementary sample cupping treatment, so you can experience this bliss yourself.

Or, call and tell me you’d like to book a full custom cupping facial (from $80 plus HST) or body cupping treatment (from $45 plus HST).

Let me use my knowledge as your holistic esthetician, aromatologist and now cupping enthusiast, help you to look and feel your best.

Thanks for stopping by!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at The Woodway.

Heather : )

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