The New Pedicure Room is now OPEN

It’s a soft opening, as they say in the restaurant industry, but I’m excited to announce that the new Woodway pedicure room is open.

You’ll still enter The Woodway as you always have, via the side door, but instead of heading down stairs, you’ll turn left and head into the room across from the powder room.

I cleared out the office furniture, washed the floors and the walls, and put a leather chair and foot stool in there that looks like this:

Image result for danish leather recliner

Isn’t it lovely? And soooo comfortable!

(The photo I took of the chair in the new pedicure room really didn’t do it justice; the photo you’re looking at comes from here. Once I get the room prettied up, I’ll take another photo and post that.)

In the meantime, if you find The Woodway stairs a bit daunting, or you simply want to take the new chair for a test drive, give me a call and we’ll set up your pedicure appointment: 613-422-9435 or

Can’t wait to see you!

Heather : )

P.S. I bought another big ball to sit on while I’m working. The foot stool is for you! Don’t your tired legs and tootsies deserve to rest and revel in some much-needed TLC? : )

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