Share your soap ideas!

Hi there,

Most of you know that handmade soaps are among my favourite things – especially my own hand made soaps! 🙂

Well, I’ve just ordered a big batch of supplies, and soon I’ll be busy in The Woodway Soapery making all sorts of soaps for the holidays.

This is where you come in: Share with me what sorts of soaps you like to see on the shelves at The Woodway and why.

Are there any scents you’re just crazy about? Whether they’re scents you’ve been introduced to here or elsewhere, I’d like to know.

I always say whatever we do at The Woodway requires teamwork. Our soap can be part of that.

If you give me a great idea for unique scent combination that you love, and I make that soap, you’ll get 3 free bars of that lovely soap!

Send your opinions and ideas to me in an email: and let me know what you think. I’m always up for constructive criticism, so go for it!

Thanks for your support and friendship.

Heather : )

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