As the weather changes…

It’s time to think about moisturizers

Dry indoor air and the harsh outdoor climate can cause even the oiliest skin to feel a bit dry, and if your skin is normal or dry, they can make it downright itchy and uncomfortable.

This article from the Mayo Clinic gives the lowdown on how moisturizers work. Among other things, they recommend pertrolatum based products. You might be surprised by that but don’t be. Cosmetic grade pertroleum products are safe and effective at keeping our skin soothed and soft.

Vasoline is a petrolatum-based product that has been in use since 1872. I use it at The Woodway to protect your skin when I do lash and brow dying. During faicials I use it for occlusion, driving active ingredients from other products deeper into your skin. It’s a versatile product with an interesting history.

If you feel your skin is looking a little worse for wear, schedule a Woodway facial. Better yet, schedule a Full Body Facial! You’ll get all that dry, itchy skin removed and you’ll glow from head to toe. It’s therapeutic! And fun!

Looking forward to welcoming you to The Woodway soon.

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