SOS for winter hands

SOS for winter hands

If, like me, you suffered with a cold during the holidays, then, like me, you’ve been washing your hands a lot.

Consequently, like me, you might have very dry

hands. So dry they hurt!

With all the great products I have available right here at home, there’s really no excuse for having hands so dry they hurt. But that’s what happened, and here’s how to fix it:

First, a gentle exfoliation with some homemade scrub: 1 part olive oil to 3 parts sugar. Mix it up to the consistency of wet sand and then gently work it into your hands, as if you’re giving them a really good wash. (There are other oils that are richer than olive oil, but it’s good and it’s available in almost everyone’s kitchen, so I recommend it.)

Rinse, and then apply a drop of that same olive oil. Work it in again.

Now, use a hand cream of your choice. Work it into your skin, and then work it in some more. Remember to pay special attention to your cuticles; they really dry out during the winter.

Why oil and then cream? When your lipid barrier is compromised, the waxes, scents, preservatives and other ingredients in creams can irritate your skin, turning it red and making it itch or sting. Oil, on the other hand, hasn’t any of these ingredients, so it simply “fills in” the lipid barrier. Applying cream atop the oil will help to seal in the oil, and the hyalyraunic acid and other moisturizing ingredients in the cream will boost the work the oil is doing.

Don’t over-exfoliate. The sugar scrub exfoliation can be repeated once every two or three days, but the oil and cream should be applied at least twice a day to keep your hands looking and feeling soft and smooth throughout the season.

I probably don’t need to tell you to wear gloves when you go out, but I will, because I’ve seen quite a few people dashing from their cars to the shops glovefree. That, too, will dry out your hands. Cold wind breaks down the lipid barrier, making your unprotected skin prone to redness, dryness and sensitivity.

That goes for your face, too! Keep warm!

See you soon. 🙂

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