The Full Body Flu Facial

If you’ve had the flu you’re probably not looking and feeling your best these days.

Maybe you’re tired, and your skin looks sallow and dull, your eyes are puffy and your nose is a bit raw.

Full Body Flu Facial to the rescue!

I’ll give you the tender loving care you need to complete your recovery, scrubbing your whole body with Black Oxygen exfoliant, imbued with anti-viral eucalyptus, oregano and rosemary essential oils. Then, we’ll follow with a relaxing rub down of hemp and avocado oils.

Once we’ve scrubbed your back and legs, I’ll put a mask of oat butter on your feet and you’ll wear warm booties as you relax into a custom facial.

Custom means just that: I choose the products we use according to what your skin tells me it needs.

Follow that with a soothing face, neck and shoulders massage using a blend of oils suited to your face skin type, and then a custom mask too.

While you wear your facial mask, I’ll massage your arms and hands with the eucalyptus, oregano and rosemary essential oils mixture, which is at once relaxing and invigorating while boosting your immune system.

Finally, we’ll remove your booties and facial mask, finish up with moisturizers to seal in all the good work we’ve done, and you’ll drink a cool glass of water.

Sound good?

I hope you’ll give me a call soon 613-422-9435 to set up an appointment. Whether you’ve had the flu or you’re trying to avoid it, the Full Body Flu Facial will be a welcome break from winter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Heather 🙂

P.S. The Full Body Flu Facial is a bargain at just $99 plus HST.

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