Bone broth is the new skin super star!

(Imagine courtesy of Cognitune. Check out Cognitune here. ) Bone broth is a power-house of nutrients, and it’s so easy to make. For the most basic bone broth, simply toss bones and veggies in your slow cooker, cover them with water and leave the cooker on low overnight. If you like to channel your inner chef […]

Christmas Soap Sale

It’s The Woodway’s Holly Jolly Handmade Event! Most of you know that this year I’m not hosting my biennial open house; I’ll be going to Atlanta in early December to see my brother, who is still very much in recovery from his terrible accident in April. That said, a lot of you have asked if I will […]

Is it a lie to say there’s no lye?

Recently, someone told me, “My dermatologist told me to use Dove instead of soap, because Dove doesn’t contain lye. Not true!  Dove is soap. And lye is used in the making of Dove and all soaps. If there’s no lye it’s not soap. Saponification, the process of making soap, is the alkaline hydrolysis of esters, and it occurs when lye and liquid […]