Vitamin B3 Could Prevent Melanoma

Most of us are aware of basic sun safety: Stay in the shade whenever possible and when you do venture into the sun wear a broad-brimmed hat and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (sun protection factor), about 20 minutes before sun exposure and every couple of hours after. This is our understanding […]

Can Nail Fungus Be Cured? Don’t worry – no gruesome photos!

As an esthetician, I regularly see toe-nail fungus. It can happen to anyone but it’s especially prevelant in the over-65 crowd, smokers and people with circulatory disorders, auto-immune diseases and diabetes. Nail issues are seldom life-threatening but they are distressing, and they can be symptomatic of more serious health issues. So, if you have a problem […]

What a Party! Thanks to YOU!

The Woodway’s 10th anniversary celebration was a great success! To everyone who shared the day with us, and to those who couldn’t be at the party but sent their best wishes, please accept my heart-felt thanks. It was a wonderful day. All those sparkling personalites made for a truly effervescent atmosphere. Many of you told […]

The Woodway is Celebrating 10 years! 

  On Sunday, May 27th, 2018, from noon until 3, I and my family are opening our home to all the wonderful people who’ve helped to make Woodway Holistic Esthetics such a great success. I’d like to take a moment here to tell you what your support has meant to me throughout the years. When I […]

The Full Body Flu Facial

If you’ve had the flu you’re probably not looking and feeling your best these days. Maybe you’re tired, and your skin looks sallow and dull, your eyes are puffy and your nose is a bit raw. Full Body Flu Facial to the rescue! I’ll give you the tender loving care you need to complete your […]

Could an edible oil replace HRT?

Could it be true? Could an edible oil make postmenopausal women feel as well as synthetic hormone replacement therapy? Possibly. In a study of 60 women over 60 days argan oil was found to make a significant difference in the texture and integrity of all the participants’ skin. Here in Ottawa, I think most of […]

You’ll feel better without it. Promise!

You’ll feel better without it. Promise! Here I am again after another long absence. I keep saying I’ll stay on top of the blog, then life gets in the way, weeks have passed and I’ve posted nothing. Sincere apologies, if you are among the few persons who’ve told me you look forward to reading these […]

Does your postmenopausal skin need help?

Plant Oil to the Rescue! You know how I love plant oils, and we use them all the time here at The Woodway. Well, I recently read the following information by Katerina Steventon, Ph.D. in Skin Inc: “…a dual approach of daily consumption and/​or application of argan oil has been tested in the challenged skin […]

Are resolutions worth making?

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have passed and we’ve all had time to get started on with whatever we resolved to do this year, I wonder how you’re doing. I like making resolutions, and once I’ve made them I look around for anyone who will motivate me to keep them, because it’s hard […]

SOS for winter hands

SOS for winter hands If, like me, you suffered with a cold during the holidays, then, like me, you’ve been washing your hands a lot. Consequently, like me, you might have very dry hands. So dry they hurt! With all the great products I have available right here at home, there’s really no excuse for […]