Foot Treatments

Give your hard-working feet the attention they deserve with one of The Woodway’s exceptional pedicures.

The Footsie Bath disposable liner system and careful sterilization of implements ensures the highest standard of hygiene.

A thorough foot and lower leg massage make every Woodway pedicure a real treat.

Foot treatments do not include polish. See Nail Notes below.

Therapeutic Signature foot treatment (60 minutes) $42
Feet are soaked, scrubbed, exfoliated and deodorized. Nails are cleaned and shaped. Problems such as ingrown toe nails, fissures, corns and deep calluses are addressed. Includes thorough massage with blend of therapeutic essential oils and powder to finish.

Hot stone pedicure (70 minutes) $48
Therapeutic signature foot treatment plus warm basalt stone massage using specially-blended essential oils to really loosen up over-worked muscles. Makes a great gift!

Perfectsense Paraffin (Adds 15 minutes) $16
Paraffin wax is heated to a perfect 50°C in disposable plastic boots. Slip them on and feel their healing action. Not only softens skin, but improves blood flow and tissue relaxation to relieve aching joints and muscles. Hygienic and luxurious!

Smelly feet?

I can help. We’ll do a pedicure to get your feet looking good, and then discuss home care to keep them looking and smelling fresh and clean. Please contact me with your questions and concerns.


Let me help you to feel better with a custom blend of essential oils to take home. Please call or send me an email for more information.

Nail Notes

I don’t keep a selection of polishes at The Woodway, because I don’t believe it’s hygienic to reuse them on lots of different toe nails.

If you would like to add polish, and top and base coats, to your nail treatment, you can bring them with you. (I also have a small selection on sale here, in case you forget to bring yours along.)

Polishing nails adds 15 to 20 minutes to your foot treatment costs and additional $6