April is Rosacea Awareness Month

The National Rosacea Society has deemed April Rosacea Awareness Month. If you have rosacea you know that it’s a mysterious condition that can be really disheartening. No one knows the root cause of rosacea but on-going research is helping to uncover ways of dealing with it. The latest information is available at the Canadian Dermatology Association or […]

Spring cleaning your skin care

Photograph from The Fabulous Report Good-bye winter! Hello Spring! A new season is a great time to make some changes to your skin care routine. Try this: #1 Assess your products Are you holding onto old health and beauty products? Check for best before dates on everything, especially medications and sunscreens, and if the date has passed, throw […]

It’s Show Time!

I’m excited to say I’m going to the spa show in Toronto this year. Neil and I are taking the train down together: He’ll go to see the Jays play while I’m at the show. Lots of fun! While there, I’ll be attending a seminar about bringing out the best in our skin through good nutrition, and another on derma-rolling, a […]

A face lift – – for The Woodway website!

I’m really pleased to be sharing my new website with you. And thanks for popping over to check out my new blog, The Woodway Cafe. I love my new logo. The three swirls represent mind, body and soul, because that’s what holistic esthetics is all about. At The Woodway, I design treatments for the whole self, and try always to […]